Jeans Weather!


Jeans weather is here! I can finally stop wearing those pants impostors that people call “shorts.” It’s about time.

Closeup of a copper rivet on blue jeans.

Closeup of a copper rivet on blue jeans. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve always preferred jeans to any other leg covering. They’re better than shorts, khakis, pajama pants, and slacks. The only thing that might be on par with jeans would be the pants from an excellent suit, but only when paired with the matching excellent jacket.

Knowing my love for jeans, allow me to also mention that my legs are not what most people would call “attractive.” They are moderately shapely(only in the calf area), pale and hairy.  I’m not really hurting anyone’s feelings going back into full-length leg coverings here.

I’m sorry, I got a little excited and had to gush. I know it kind of goes with some of my other recent fall posts, but overall was generally kind of pointless. I’m a little short on ideas right at the moment.

It stems from the fact that fall always seems to be the busiest part of my life no matter what happens. Work gets busy, The Wife starts teaching again, and pretty much everything happens to us in the fall. My brain has entered it’s yearly state of being on constant alert for…something.

It’s a little like an extension of my tendency to get overwhelmed with things. Everything seems to be getting busier and I have very little ability to extricate the busy items from one another. I can’t decide if discovering this particular quirk of my personality is helpful or not yet.

The quirk in question(say that 5 times fast!) is my major tendency to have to slowly ease into and out of things. I mean everything. Ideas, moods, energy levels, interests. The exception that proves the rule here is that when I’m very interested in something, I binge on it. Like my current obsession with Power Metal. I am eyeball deep in nothing but Heavy Metal at the moment(musically speaking, of course.) For everything else, I take much longer than is normal or reasonable to work up to or down from things. I take a long time to get in a frame of mind to, let’s say be busy all day at work.

It takes me a couple of weeks of increasing business before I am able to handle the increasing amount of separate projects without collapsing. When this isn’t a smooth increase in amount, I tend to get very frustrated very quickly. It also takes me a couple of weeks to ease down from the high level of work. I spend days thinking I’ve forgotten to do something, because I’d been so busy just the week prior.

I’m not sure if knowing about this is really any benefit. Life happens at it’s own pace, and I have very little input about what needs my attention/presence and when. People also don’t seem to care that I need a little extra time to gear myself up for certain things.

Oh well, I suppose since I’m not even 30 yet, things aren’t likely to get any easier or more understanding from here on out. Any suggestions on how to switch gears more easily would be appreciated.

18 thoughts on “Jeans Weather!

  1. Well, jeans are excellent (much preferred to shorts or the godawful “skirt”) but I have to say, trackie bottoms and pyjama bottom are clear winners. The problem with being female is that, in order to get really comfortable jeans, you either have to get “boyfriend” jeans or jeans one or two sizes too big. Which is annoying.
    With regards you particular personality quirk, I think I’m quite the opposite. I’m very excitable (although get excitable over the wrong things) and can flit between work projects quite easily, although sometimes a particular project will stay on my mind if it’s very important. I don’t know really, I guess I’m just a pro at multitasking.
    And your legs don’t sound too bad, honestly.

    • You make a fair point. I can’t speak to wearing a skirt, I’ve never done that. Female jeans are like, a different species of mutated jean monster when it comes to comfort. I can see where you might prefer something else.
      I wish I could multitask well. I can work on multiple projects, I just need some time to get figured for a certain project. It’s just annoying to know that I’m getting frustrated over a simple thing, or several simple things just because of the timing of them. Nothing’s more irritable than being annoyed with yourself.

      • I think I have far too many jeans as well. Last time I counted, I had over ten pairs.
        Very occasionally I’ll get overwhelmed if I have a lot of things to do at once, but I think being in sixth form and getting around five pieces of long homework a day has kinda made me immune to getting stressed over workload. What I tend to do is do them in order of difficulty and get through them in one (or two) sittings, so I get it done and out the way. Then I reward myself with Supernatural and Tumblr 😀

      • I have zero training in stress management. I’m excellent in emergency situations, so that’s something I guess. Handling everyday stresses is my Kryptonite.

  2. Jeans are great. They fit in nearly every situation, you can spill beer, sit on grass and run around and the jeans will stay their cool selves! Yay!
    Up here it’s still too hot for anything that covers your legs.
    Or body, actually. Smoking hot.

    • One of the few positives to living in a temperate climate is that we generally get all 4 seasons, at least a little, and relatively close to their expected time-frames.(for the Northern Hemisphere that is)

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