A Crisis of Music

I’m having another crisis of music.

I’ve mentioned my strange musical tastes before. I’m having another Crisis of Music. This one happens to take the form of wanting to listen to a genre I’ve never really listened to before: Heavy Metal.

When in my natural state, I tend to listen to generic Rock, some Alternative Rock, with some Acoustic and Folk thrown in there. This is my natural musical state of being. I listen to a little bit of everything because I like to listen to whatever happens to suit my mood at any given time.

Opening title logo used in Season 1 of Todd an...

Opening title logo used in Season 1 of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know why the sudden urge for Metal. I decided to re-watch Todd and the Book of Pure EvilBoth seasons are available on Netflix streaming. It’s an irreverent mix of teen drama and supernatural comedy. Generally about PG-13 or R rated(depending on your personal rating system,) it’s an out standing show with a Heavy Metal theme.

I started watching it over again, and I suddenly thought, “I should listen to more Metal.” Here we are. I’m now trying to sift through all the different sub-genres of Heavy Metal music to find one that suits my taste.

I don’t really like to listen to the screaming and growling stuff. Sometimes is okay, but as a general rule I like to be able to understand the lyrics I’m listening to. I think I’ve settled on Power Metal. I’ll be checking out Speed Metal too.

I’m sure that this isn’t something that most people are planning to go look into. I, however, have found a nice little set of music that I can listen to that is pretty different from the rest of my musical catalog.

Back to my Pandora station to find more Power Metal artists!

7 thoughts on “A Crisis of Music

    • Well, crisis may be an overstatement. Whenever something like this happens, I want to hear/do/watch whatever this new thing is that has captured my attention. I want to do only that new thing. So I’ve listened to nothing but Metal for the last 3 days.
      I just called it a crisis because I seem to not want to listen to any of my previously enjoyed music in lieu of this new interest.

  1. Yay for metal! It’s a good thing to give all genres a chance.
    Personally I don’t like screaming and grunting either, but I do have times when I need guitars, lots of guitars and drums and just, you know, a lot of loud music.
    My favourite so far is ‘Four Horsemen’ by Metallica, as I’ve got some great memories attached to it as well.

    • There’s a certain level of musicality to everything, and it just takes being in the right frame of mind to notice it. I LOVE music with a great beat. That’s why I’m drawn to rap and reggae. Metal usually has some excellent percussion involved, so now that I found what I’m looking for with actual singing I’m really enjoying myself.

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