I’m definitely feeling all sorts of unfocused at the moment.

English: Unfocused picture of Kagee taking a p...

English: Unfocused picture of Kagee taking a photo of his webcam. ‪Norsk (bokmål)‬: Ufokusert bilde av User:Kagee mens han tar bilde av webcam’et sitt. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This pretty much includes everything. Like say my music at the moment. I work in a place where I am able to play most any music I want at a reasonable volume. Most of the time I use Spotify. I tend to prefer making my own play lists for my music listening enjoyment. I am currently bouncing between a small Country playlist, Jack Johnson, Bruno Mars, Bob Marley, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Gorillaz. That is about as random an assortment as you’re likely to find.

I’m kind of that way with lots of other stuff too. When I’m at home after work, enjoying free time, I’m busy looking at computer games deciding which one I want to play. Maybe I’d rather boot up Photoshop? Nah how about some 3D modeling in Blender? Nope, maybe I should take some photos… I could always go to the massive bookshelf in the office. There’s a solid 30 books I could be reading there.

I am all over the board recently. I tend to exist in a state of chaos, so this isn’t entirely unfamiliar territory. I just end up feeling a little lost and unaccomplished. I like to accomplish things. I like to have something to show for time spent. When I get kind of out of focus like I am right now I end up feeling like I’m always wasting time, no matter what I’m doing.

Hopefully I’ll get working on something that will demand my attention. I get the best results that way, and I end up feeling I’m accomplishing something to boot!

I’ll just wander over here and see if it’s this way…


Are you a focused or unfocused person? Which do you prefer?


13 thoughts on “Unfocused

  1. The good thing about this seems to be the fact that your world isn’t narrow, but more all at once, a giant mix of everything.
    If I get it right at least.
    I’m more of an unfocused person too then. I can find pleasure in reading a classic novel as well as a fashion magazine. If that’s what you call unfocused, I’m that kind of preson as well…

    • I definitely appreciate the wide-ness of experiences that this provides me. Some days, I just wish I was able to focus in on a certain subject or project to get more accomplished. I suppose we can’t be untrue to our nature, though.

  2. I’m sometimes focused, sometimes not. Actually, it’s mostly the latter. But “unfocused” translates into “boredom” to me, so I’m almost always “bored”. I think, “I could write something. I could read. I could do some revision. I could go into town.” But then I end up doing nothing. And it’s really annoying. At least when I have a novel to work on I give that nearly my full attention :\

      • In think that I want to do them all at once and so end up doing none of them, as paradoxical as that is.

      • I know exactly what you mean. They all carry the same level of interest/importance, so there’s no way to decide which to do. Then they all sit there as possibilities with the result being none of them.

      • And then it’s also because I’m lazy. But hey, who isn’t suddenly lazy when they could be doing a million things?

  3. I usually can’t sit in one spot for more than an hour, nor can I concentrate on anything for very long.
    It drives everyone crazy, but I’m fine with it most of the time^^

Well, what kind of feeling do YOU get?

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