Well boo.

I was doing so well…

I was on a really good run of getting on and posting before mid-morning here in the U.S. I was ON it. Then Friday happened.

Film poster for Office Space - Copyright 1999,...

Film poster for Office Space – Copyright 1999, 20th Century Fox (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve got this mental image of my sitting down to write like some sort of “imaginary office.” In my brain, it’s as if me sitting down here, wherever here happens to be, as a man in business casual sitting down at a desk with a cup of coffee. Like he’s getting ready to go to work. When I get all straightened around and start thinking about writing early, I feel like I’m coming in at starting time and just getting down to business. When I don’t get around to writing until the afternoon(like today) or even sometimes in the evening, I feel like ?I’m some creepy hungover guy stumbling into work, unshaven, with my robe still on, and just hoping that I can get enough work done that no one will notice that I showed up late and left early.

I have to imagine that I don’t help my case by trying to write while at my actual job. It’s not an issue of hiding it from anyone here(actually currently writing at work), but more that no one cares if I’m writing as long as other work gets priority. Some days, I have a lot of things that get priority. If I were able to get myself writing before work, I wouldn’t run into this issue. The counterpoint to that being that things wrote before I am completely awake might be slightly less than stellar. I don’t want to be less than than stellar. I want everything we talk about here to be completely outstanding!(Yeah. Right.)

Oh well. Such is life. We can’t all plan our days out to go exactly like we want. There’s always going to be something that pops up and ruins all of our carefully laid plans.


Do you have a preferred writing time? Why?


2 thoughts on “Well boo.

  1. Inspiration can kick in at any time. I like writing when no one can come and get me for doing the dishes/cleaning/whatever. I’m a natural night animal (we call it a night animal at least…) so I write better when it’s getting darker.
    I like the imaginary office by the way :).

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