I realized yesterday and today that I had been feeling a little… Off.

I think I figured out what ‘s causing the slightly off kilter feeling. I feel like i’m a little out of sync with myself. It’s almost as if I’m living inside my own brain and watching myself go through the motions.

I don’t mean this as a big complaining, or whining post. I don’t mean this as a large-scale existential examination of my life as a whole. I just mean, that I’m going about my everyday life, and my mind seems to just be a little out of sync with everything.

I feel like I’m waiting for something, or I missed something.  I feel like even though everything is moving and functioning properly that I’m not part of that. I feel like I’m not existing in the same instance as everything around me.

It isn’t creepy, or frustrating as much as it is just unsettling. When you feel like you aren’t moving at the same speed as everything else, or in the same space as everything, it’s hard to feel grounded. It’s hard to feel like a part of what’s happening in your own world. That just tends to make one a little uncomfortable.

I’m sure that like everything else, this will eventually snap back to feeling okay. I probably won’t actually notice when it happens. I wonder what it would feel like if this sensation were magnified?


Krang (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What would it be like for me to go through an entire day, or week even, feeling less like a whole human being and more like a creepy brain-creature controlling a human-shaped biological robot? Would it create a serious disconnect between myself and other people? Would I start treating them like creepy brain-creatures? Would I be able to go back to living as a singular entity? Would I want to?

Maybe I’ve achieved a higher level of consciousness. Maybe I’m just nuts. Maybe this is further evidence of my whole Genius Theory. Maybe I’m an Alien!

I’m going to guess it’s probably half and half higher consciousness, and nuts.

Could be worse.


Have you ever felt this way? Tell me about it!


23 thoughts on “Disconnect

  1. Yeah, that’s a weird feeling… I too sometimes feel disconnected. You do everything, you smile and read and move, but it’s a feeling like you’re not really doing it.
    It will go away. At least I hope so for you, but I guess it will :).

    • I’m sure it will. It seems like a temporary feeling. I would kind of like to see it stretched to it’s logical conclusion the other direction though. Like if I woke up tomorrow and was conscious completely separately from my waking body. Would be kind of interesting to experience.

      • That would be scary dream indeed.
        There is an episode of the television show ‘House’ where someone is conscious and stuck inside their own body. Everyone else thinks that he is in a coma but Dr. House figures out that he’s stuck in there

  2. I’m gonna go with alien.
    OMG what if you’re an alien that crash-landed on earth when you were a baby alien because your home planet was about to be destroyed and your alien parents’ only option was to send you away through space in a little capsule to make sure you survive and then when you landed on earth and got out of your capsule you morphed into the human form and blended in with society and you’re actually hundreds if not thousands of years old but you keep changing to adapt to society. Maybe this feeling of disconnectedness gets more frequent as your alien self ages and it’s your alien self’s way of trying to tell you you’re not actually human and that you DIFFERENT.
    I’m scared now.

    • What if there’s more than one of us and that’s where the idea of reincarnation comes from? What if it’s just one group of aliens that’s responsible for all sorts of unexplained things throughout history and we’ve just been here all the time?
      Way to go, you’ve got me worried about it now too. 😉

      • So all those things people in history blame on aliens, witches ghosts and demons are really just super adaptable aliens living among us, and we may not even know who we are.
        I expect the government to be on the way any time now….

      • Oh God I need to go and hide my crystal meth-making apparatus and my hunting knife collection. Hopefully they’ll be here in over half an hour. That gives me time to hide my assault rifles, too.
        (I’m sorry I’m in a really random mood and if you know where that reference is from then you’re my spirit animal.)

      • Who are you? Walter White? Heisenberg, is that you?
        I don’t have a red bandanna, but I do happen to be planning to hid both my kids, and my wives. Per that news report.

      • OMG I DON’T EVEN WATCH BREAKING BAD AND I GET THAT no I’m not a high school Chemistry teacher. If I ever DO end up as a high school Chem teacher then I’ll know I’ve gone dreadfully wrong somewhere.
        Omg I made the most freakish noise when you mentioned that red bandana. It was like a whale/seal/cat getting flattened. I don’t even know. ( it was a noise of happiness, by the way).

      • It’s my friend’s favourite show and I let him go on about it to me because I go on about Supernatural to him.
        (And I have more than one friend, by the way. The way I wrote that sentence makes it seem like I only have a single friend.)

      • I didn’t notice until you pointed it out, but yeah, it totally sounds like that. I watched several seasons of Breaking Bad and then got distracted with something else on Netflix.
        I notice Supernatural is on Netflix, should I be watching that as well?

      • Ok, I’ll have to take a look. Netflix says there’s only 7 seasons though.
        Also, this isn’t one of those shows that has a UK version that came first, and then an inferior US version that results in no one talking about the same show, and arguments about which version was better is it?

      • Nope, it’s an American show and season 8 only finished this year so perhaps it’s not up yet. But season 9’s coming out later this year.

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