I’m not so good at the cleaning.

I don’t know if this will come as a shock to any of you, certainly not the ones who know me well. I’m not good at cleaning.

I try, even if I wait until someone asks me to first. I make what could be generously called ‘a valiant effort.’ Despite what my parents thought about my kitchen-cleaning attempts in high school, I’m trying, I’m just bad at it. Putting me in charge of the cleaning of something can have wildly-varying results.

Sometimes I get adventurous and decide that I Should clean something. You know, voluntarily. I think that I can make a positive visual impact in wherever I happen to want to clean. This is usually at home, and usually in an area where I am the primary time-waster spender. Yesterday, that was the garage.

I was a bit restless. I Wanted to do SOMETHING around the house, but I was especially tired and lazy and was enjoying the lack of required activities. I determined that making a dent in our large scale garage organization plan was the way to go. I would have to say that the results were mixed.

I got a lot of boxes and odds and ends out. Recycling and trash that just hadn’t made it into a can, or that We I had been saving in a misguided reasoning that ‘we might need it.’ I sorted through some old books and knickknacks that had been left for me to sort through before we moved them into the house proper. I tried to organize some of my hand tools. I have a tool chest, but not all of my tools are


ToolBox (Photo credit: Arrrrt)

actually IN the tool chest. I was attempting to remedy this.

I kind of ran out of steam. I did manage to make a solid dent, but I think there’s quite a fair amount of work left to be done. This is likely to be mainly a Me-led endeavor as most of the crap in the garage is mine. Thankfully, we have a garage with some room at the front and on the sides so that we can store a few things as well as both cars without much trouble. This will be even easier once things are properly organized.

One of the last things I had to go through were some old family photos that my grandmother let me take rather than throwing them away. She had plenty she reasoned, and didn’t need multiples of everything. I won’t get into those until my next post. and I think with missing a few days recently, I owe more than one post today. I just wasn’t sure that emotional exploration belonged in the garage, even if that’s sort of where it took place.



7 thoughts on “I’m not so good at the cleaning.

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  2. Bahaha I made myself laugh because in my household “knick-knacks” is a term for “underwear” so when you said “I sorted through some old books and knick knacks” I just had this mental image of you trawling through heaps and heaps of books and underwear and it just made me laugh a ridiculous amount.
    I’m sorry.

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