Well That Was Unexpected

I apologize for that.


Present (Photo credit: ejorpin)

I just put up the post I was working on yesterday afternoon. I didn’t get it finished before I had to leave work to get ready for the ball game. I thought I might be able to finish the post on my phone. Maybe some sort of live blog of the trip up or first part of the game. Just to fill space, since I had a pretty weak premise for yesterday’s post.

Then I forgot on the trip. Then we didn’t go right to our seats. Then there was baseball to watch! The result is wast I post dated and dropped there this morning.

Going to that game last night kind of sums up the tone of the past week. I wanted to go, but it was going to be a little hurried, stressful to get there, and busy. It was going to be fun so hopefully that would make up for the rest of it. I’ll let you know when I finish all the busy if that’s what happens.

It’s very likely that I will not be posting tomorrow or Monday. I’ll let you know all about it when I do have time to post, I promise. Nothing bad, I just won’t be very able to sit down and compose. This is where better folks than I would plan far enough in advance to have something pre-written and ready auto post, or have a guest post or something. I tend to write as I feel for the day so scheduling ahead isn’t top on my list. I could do guest posts though.

All call! I will not be posting Friday or Monday. If someone has a desire to guest post here one of those days, let me know in the comments. You could also email me at:  inklingofasylum (AT) gmail (DOT) com.  Hey this could be fun!

Looking forward to hearing from some or all of you. If I end up with too many people I’ll do names out of a hat or something. Awesome!


4 thoughts on “Well That Was Unexpected

  1. I’m in the same boat as you for the most part. I write my posts as I think of them and post them right away. My posts just don’t come as naturally as others. Today’s post however, was my first “autopost!” I wrote it last night and set it to post today. In the process, I also started 3-4 draft’s, and hope to finish those up to set them aside for those days I can’t make it happen instantly either.

    I’ve never done a guest post.. that might be fun.. but then the question is, What the hell would I write about?

    • I really should at least have some ideas percolating that I can go back to. I’ve done a scheduled post before, but as a general rule, it feels more like me if I just sit down and write.
      As for the guest post, I say if you feel like giving it a shot, send an email to that address with your WordPress name and we’ll see what happens!

      • If something comes to me, I’ll definitely shoot you an email. I think a proper guest post tends to follow the same vein of the original blog author, so I would like to focus on something that I think you would write about… which shouldn’t be hard, as I feel like we have similar styles and interests… so I will definitely give it some thought, thanks!

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