That would figure


Medicine (Photo credit: DonnaGrayson)

So remember the other day when I had a sore throat?

Guess what? Full blown cold of some sort. Nose, throat, cough. That, is just super.

The only thing more obnoxious than being sick in the winter, when everyone else is sick? Is being sick all by yourself during the summer like a freak.

I may think that summer is a stupid season. I may despise the sun and his heated UV rays. I may hate mowing the grass. The one thing summer has going for it(usually) is that I don’t have to have a cold every month, or the same one for 2 months. That’s like the ONLY thing summer is good for(except baseball, pools, sitting by the water. Ok good for a couple of things. Sue me.)

So now I’m sitting here sniffling and snuffling, coughing and sneezing like it’s freaking January.

On a brighter note, on the way home yesterday, there were some WICKED AWESOME clouds. It was a cloudy/rainy/stormy day yesterday, but it broke up early enough that the crazy clouds were there with the sun shining through. There was this cool one that looked like a black waterslide. It was shaped exactly like that, and it looked glassy smooth.

There were a lot of them that looked exactly like cotton batting. The way that they were lit from the southwest and above gave so many of them such distinct edges. Having the dark undersides just added some richness to the stark white clouds, crisp blue sky and soft golden light of the evening.

At least I have to mow tonight.


6 thoughts on “That would figure

  1. I’ve been close to that too – the cold. Feel sorry for you, but try to turn it into something good: feel free to give yourself everything you want. Like ‘now I want a biscuit, and I’ve got a cold, so I deserve the damn biscuit!’.
    Good luck ;).

  2. Is it bad this made me laugh a lot? I’m definitely not finding your illness funny (because colds are THE WORST…especially at the wrong end of the year) but I did giggle quite a few times reading this. And I feel you on the mowing thing. I’m sure that if it wasn’t for the fact that my step-dad treats our front and back lawns like his long-lost third child then they wouldn’t be mowed at all.

    • Don’t feel bad for laughing!
      If someone can get enjoyment out of my predicament, I’m all for it. 😀
      Besides, you know how colds are. They always feel like the end of the world, even if they aren’t.

  3. Aw man…hope you get better soon! Colds are never fun:(
    On a more positive note, since you’re the only one that’s sick no one has an excuse to not to come and visit. Or bring soup and goodies^^

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