My brain is full. Goodbye!

What the fudge(but I didn’t say fudge…) is wrong with my brain?

The brain

The brain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

STOP!(collaborate and listen. I’m just full of pop culture references today.) Stop making a list of what’s wrong with my brain. No, I don’t care how many items you have on your list already. I don’t care that you alphabetized and cross referenced them. Nope, not even the pretty color-coded tabs. I’m thinking of something specific this time.

Time-management and calendars.

My brain does not handle planning time for things very well. Let me give you an example: My sister-in-law asked if I could stop over tonight after work to help her assemble something and hang some shelves at the new place she’s moving into. We will probably also eat food. This is it. My brain has already blocked off all of tonight as if I were leaving the state. I will probably be home before 9. That is not an all night activity.

I can’t figure out why my brain schedules things this way. If the personal even calendar in my brain looked like say, a Google calendar, every time I schedule a new event, the colored block indicating from when to when I will be occupied would only come in 3 options: Full day, Half-day, and Quarter-day. Quarter-day is rarely used.

The reason this is such a pain in the ass for me, is that I tend to overwhelm myself easily. Just getting up and feeding  myself for the day is pretty close to me being Whelmed. Adding much besides the occasional activity means I quickly spaz and become overwhelmed.

This is pretty annoying. It’s especially annoying to people around me who’s brains work in a normal fashion. They’ll ask me to do something: “Hey can you help me move a book shelf on Saturday?” I will respond like a complete nut job: “Can’t sorry. I have to mow the grass this weekend. I probably have to go to the grocery store too, so I don’t know how I’ll get anything done.”

That’s about 2.5 hours of work, including the drive time to and from the store. I have sectioned off an entire weekend for it. Then The Wife will do something like set up a fun evening with friends: “Hey, let’s go see A, J, & Baby M Saturday night. Baseball, dinner and a bonfire. Sound good?” I’m all padded cell and straight-jacket “How are we supposed to fit that in?! When am I going to MOW?!”

I’m a freaking maniac.

How are your time management skills? I’m the only one who can’t handle planning his own life, aren’t I?


11 thoughts on “My brain is full. Goodbye!

  1. “When am I going to MOW?!” made me laugh 😀 I kinda get like that, although I tend to avoid social events as much as possible (and I don’t mow our lawn). If I’m supposed to get something from town like a new hairbrush or something then that’s it, my weekend’s full. Sorry, no I can’t come and hang out with you. I have to buy a hairbrush.
    I feel you, man.

    • It just happens too. like I have no problem agreeing to it, but my brain just sections off inordinate amounts of time for everything! I’ve had weeks where I’m having serious anxiety because I’m so busy, and literally all ‘m doing is going to and from work, Mowing the lawn one night and having dinner out one night. You’d think I was scheduled for like an 80 hour work week or something.

  2. Nope you aren’t! Can I join the club? If I find the time, that is.
    I’m the kind of person that freaks out because there is so much work to do, so much that I find myself on 9gag or searching for things on Google. I can panick because I’ve got no time while I’m just wasting it without feeling guilty. If I could manage my time better, I could be very succesful and I wouldn’t have to retake an exam. Pretty sure about that.
    But time sucks anyway. If it doens’t go too slow, it goes to fast. Or it goes both slow and fast at the same time.

    • Absolutely.
      I sometimes do the ‘waste time but not notice’ thing. Where you obviously avoid doing what you should because something else is more engaging. Usually my lack of time has more to do with the way I schedule things out and plan. It’s like having something planned 2 days in a row gives me serious stress.
      We’ll have plans for maybe 3 Saturdays in a month, not even all day, and I’m freaking out because “July is busy, I never have time for anything.”

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