Alright. It looks a little different around here.

I was looking at my page, and I didn’t like how every post kind of ran into the next. So I changed it.

I prefer a dark background, but I love me some color. So we decided to try this look for a bit.

I was trying to think of something fun and amusing to write today. No introspection, just amusing self-deprecation. I was in the middle of deciding how to make fun of myself when I went all Martha Stewart up in this piece and started redecorating. Then I thought about it, and that’s as good of a topic as any.

“What topic?” You might be thinking, “He really didn’t say what he was thinking might be a good topic. I think he’s a little distracted. Maybe he’s just that random?”

The truth is that yes, I am that random. The topic I meant, though,(I did have something in mind, I swear!) was in fact my random decision to make a big change around here.

I tend to be a planner. I’m not any good at it, mind you, but I don’t like to just do stuff. The other side to this ineffective coin, is that once I decide to do something, I want to just do it. I don’t want to think about it anymore or plan anymore I just want to spontaneously do. It isn’t really spontaneous though, is it? If I’ve been thinking and planning and arranging, and then decide to do it’s really just an accelerated end to the process.

I’ll tell you what, it’s hell doing home improvement stuff with a brain like this. I look and think, I lay things out in my head. After plotting and strategizing, I decide that I want to, say put in a new counter top. I have now DECIDED! I will now go purchase all of the things for a new counter and install it in 2 hours!

Anyone who has ever worked on any project requiring more than $50 and 1 hour of work knows that this is NOT how it works. Which is why The Wife calmly instructs me to put the credit card down and stay out of Home Depot.

Well I hope you like the new look, we’ll give it some time and see how it goes.

Let my know how you feel below!


18 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!

  1. I like the change. All that’s missing is a wreath made of toilet paper rolls.
    I also like planning/spontaneously achieving. Remind me to tell you about my extremely blue walls…yeah…husband was deployed. Not exactly happy when he came home. You’re not alone.

    • Maybe I can locate some toilet paper rolls here at work….
      Yes my poor Wife has to deal with all sorts of things. the conversation typically goes thusly:
      “Well then lets just paint the deck. I’ll go to Home Depot and get color samples.”
      “Where are you going? We need a power washer to clean it off first.”
      “I’ll just buy one of those too. Half hour tops.”
      “You’re dad has a power washer. Just call him and see if we can borrow his. We’re not buying one.”

      “Why are you so disappointed? I just said the deck could use some work. I didn’t even know we were thinking of repainting it. Even if you had the power washer, you’d have to let it dry for a couple days before you painted it.”
      She’s a saint.

  2. I actually gasped aloud when I saw the new theme! I like it 🙂 The text IS easier to read, although if you stare at the title for long enough it burns your retinas, much like if you were to stare at the sun. But I like it. A lot.

    • Oddly enough, it’s called ‘Sunspot’!
      I don’t mean to point out the obvious, but wouldn’t the best option be to not stare directly at it? I wouldn’t dare to tell you what to do, mind you, just a suggestion 😉
      I’m glad people seem to enjoy the new look. I’m definitely aiming for ease of use here.

    • It’s ok, because the content didn’t change!
      So just tell yourself that nothing REALLY changed since you were coming for the posts not what they looked like!

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