You know when you can feel a small change making other small ripple-changes(I just made that word up. Copyright me.) in your life?


Drips (Photo credit: Carlton Chong)

Maybe you don’t know what I mean. To be completely honest I think this is the first time that I’ve had a small change make lasting ripple-changes(Still mine.) It happens more than we think, but the opposite is a lot easier to observe. When a major life event out of our control creates an earthquake that changes everything and leaves fractures.


The major events are easier to notice. When something big happens, a birth or a death for instance, everything changes immediately, with little changes radiating out from the epicenter. Maybe we don’t notice these changes for years, but they already happened. Ripple-changes are harder. We make a decision, or something changes in our daily routine, and other small things begin to change a little more slowly. Little changes ripple out to be bigger changes.


I like those classifications; Earthquake-changes and Ripple changes.


Ripple changes can be harder to notice because the initiating event isn’t always obvious. It can be hard to track them back to their start, as opposed to just the smaller ripple. I think I’m noticing the beginning of a set of ripples. I’m very curious to see if they will continue, and what the current ripples will turn into.


I’ve had my share of Earthquakes. I don’t really want anymore unplanned ones. I’m sure I’ll have some. Why else would they be called unplanned? I won’t get in to it today, maybe soon though. I’d like to have some more Ripples. They’re a little more easily adjusted to and planned around. I’d like some minor changes.


How about you? Any Earthquakes or Ripples recently? Were they good or bad?



4 thoughts on “Shift

  1. So, what causes this ripple-changes…? If I may ask.
    Nah, my life is boring at the moment, but there are plenty of things that happened this year with Erthquake and ripple-changes.
    In fact, that’s a summary of life, right? *getting all philosophical*

    • The little ripple change was starting Yoga. I didn’t want to make a whole new post about Yoga, since I had talked about it in 2 others recently.
      I also want to make sure that it is something I will stick with. I have a habit of giving up on things very quickly, and I really want to try to make this a part of my weekly routines.
      It’s true that life is just a sequence of causes and effects, but it can be hard to notice them when going through your daily routine. It’s easier to fall into habits and kind of live on auto-pilot.

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