What’s With All The Hostilities?

I am mostly writing this as an attempt to lighten the mood around here. Lots of introspection lately with some heavy stuff floating around. After determining some friends might need some funny, I decided to just get on the horse and ride! So this isn’t an actual attempt at complaining.

I had A DAY yesterday, y’all. I had a day where I wasn’t fit to be around other human beings. The day started innocently enough: I got up on time, I watched some netflix before work, I packed my lunch and I was on time. Sounds good right? By the end of the day I was a raging ball of undirected stress and venom and I should have been locked up with a sedative on board.

The crazy part was, that there was nothing really that happened yesterday to cause all of this additional stress. There was no big thing that set me on edge for the rest of the day, there was no unending series of small things that sent me into a near-homicidal rage by the end of the day. I was just not pleasant to deal with.

I know that I was in a bad mood. I know that what finally got me nasty in that ‘answer everyone is a smarmy tone and/or roll your eye anytime anyone needs you for anything’ way, was people my assistance on things. None of them were big things, and they were not showing up rapid-fire, so I’m not sure why I had such an issue with them.

I did have an issue though. Boy did I have an issue. From about 11 am onward, I was just sour. I was a bear to be around. I’ve just described myself as a sour gummy bear. I was NOT a gummy bear. If I had been, I would have had a sweet delicious center. THERE WAS NO SWEET DELICIOUSNESS IN ME YESTERDAY. I was all sour all the time. Like if someone gave you nothing but a bowl of the sour powder from sour patch kids and a spoon and said “This is all you get for the next week to eat. Better get started.”

Gummy candy

Gummy candy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since I was such an angry, awful person yesterday I decided to do what always seems to be best for these sorts of situations: Post abut it here and both vent and make light of it. It always makes me feel better. Especially when I get to go on long tangents about whether I am gummy candy or not. I’m telling you, that’s where it’s at. Life doesn’t get much better than gummy candy metaphors.

So taunt, mock , giggle, judge, whatever you want at my expense. I. AM BULLETPROOF. Like one o’ them giant jawbreakers that you can’t actually eat. Most of all enjoy! So you don’t have a day today like I did yesterday.


6 thoughts on “What’s With All The Hostilities?

  1. Maybe it’s the fact that I woke up at 3 a.m. and didn’t go back to bed, OR the fact that coworkers keep talking to me (one even scheduled a meeting at 3:30 p.m. today) the day before a NATIONAL FREAKING HOLIDAY when I think real work should be off limits, but I’m a bit sour today too. Not 100% fully sour. Just a little “puckery.” But I’m working on it. This helps. I extend an official sugar-coated thanks to you for this effort on our behalf 😉

    Hope today is much better than yesterday for you, my friend.

    • So far, it’s passable. I haven’t irrationally imagined injuring anyone, which is already a step above yesterday. Also, is there nothing on this planet more annoying than someone calling your name when all you want is a few minutes of solitude?

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