Something to Believe

I was having a discussion with a friend of mine, and we got to talking about things like totems and spirit animals. I was trying to think what sort of topic it got me interested in blogging

English: Totems at Fort Wrangel, 1880s

English: Totems at Fort Wrangel, 1880s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

about. I knew there had to be something because it just kept nagging at me. I finally figured it out; We all need something to believe.

Not limited to religious or spiritual beliefs, I think we all need something to put greater belief in. I know some people will put that belief in an idea or a philosophy. Some people will put that belief in a higher power, whatever spirituality or religion that might be. Some people might put that belief in a person or a group. Some people might even be content to put that belief in an emotion. What we believe in doesn’t matter anywhere near as much as the fundamental thought that we NEED something to put our belief in.

It helps us to deal with major life problems, and it helps up feel like we have direction. Holding firm beliefs in anything lends a steady influence and a comfort to all that we do.They allow us to act on a day to day basis without a constant questioning of our own existence.

I hold lots of beliefs, and I desire for many more to be true. I believe that on a personal level, everything happens for a reason. Not so much in the predestined higher power sense, but more in the things don’t just happen by random chance sense. I also believe that most religions are so closely related on their basic levels that what you believe is less important than the influence that it has on your actions.

I would identify as Christian, but I greatly respect the resolution of a dedicated Muslim who observes all the prayer times. I desire the peaceful mind of a Buddhist who meditates regularly. I admire the atheist whose beliefs are at odds with many religions and manages to stand firm. I find many people allow their religion or other spiritual beliefs to inform their actions in such positive ways.

I also see people who put more stock in things like emotions. People who are committed to a belief in true love and soul mates. People who value loyalty before anything else. These people also have a strong focus that directs their actions.

I just got to thinking about how important it is for all of us to have something, no matter how small, that affects us on a deep level. Knowing how we feel, knowing what we accept and believe to be true, makes everything else seem less daunting.

What is it that you believe in?

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