Who’s There?

I can never quite seem to shake the feeling that I’m being watched. Constantly, eternally  under the watchful gaze of some greater being.

eye 172/365

eye 172/365 (Photo credit: attila acs)

Some being with power and guile. A being capable of accomplishing so much more in this great world, but instead watching me. Watching, waiting and learning.

It’s curious, you see. It wants to know all about me. It wants to know who I am, what I do and how I act.

I know all this sounds a bit odd, creepy, or even sinister. Sometimes it feels that way too. I can assure you that this being is in no way sinister. I know that it is not malicious the same way that I know it is always there. I don’t know exactly how to classify it, but a good way to think of it might be as the opposite of a Muse.

A Muse is that feeling or being or push that sparks that creativity inside your soul. It starts that process of creativity that can go so many different ways and result in so many different things. This being that I’m describing is like a mirror version of that.

This thing doesn’t drive me to create, It wants to learn from all that already is. It doesn’t seek to kindle that creative spirit, but rather observes everything as though it were trying to spark it’s own creativity.

It’s as if this entity needs me to feed it’s soul instead of the other way around. It isn’t taking from me, just feeding off of my experience. I can’t exactly do anything to help it out though. I think that the best thing that I can do is not disturb it.

As this being observes me, I think that I can allow it to work in peace. I will let it try to figure out exactly what it is hoping to come up with here.

If it decides to come closer for a chat, well I’ll be waiting.


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