This Is My Jam!

This is my favorite weather ever. I love it. I do wish it were a little less severe at the moment.

06022012 Storm structure

06022012 Storm structure (Photo credit: StormLoverSwin93)

I know I have previously mentioned things like, I love the rain, I want to live in a cave, I hate the sun, and I’m a hermit. I like the wind, I like the fall and the spring.I absolutely love how the weather feels when it’s changing seasons. I love being able to feel that new season on the wind, and smell it in the air. All of that is wonderful, but this summer thunderstorm weather is just the best.

I love the feeling of the change in weather. I feel like a wise old man, and a king saying out loud “A storm is coming.” I like feeling the wind pick up, the chill that it brings. I like the damp and the smell of rain just over the horizon. The best feeling is standing there in the warm weather with the wind whipping around you as those first fat, warm raindrops begin to splatter on the ground. As the skies open up and that torrent comes rushing down, everything seems to stop for a moment. It’s very much like Mother Nature is kindly reminding us that we have no dominion over the elements.

I don’t like all the other things that come with storms. The damaging winds, the downed power lines, the hail or God forbid a tornado. I don’t like when people get stuck out in it, or it ruins an outdoor activity. I don’t like the traffic and accidents it causes. I love the storm itself.

So as I sit here waiting to see how much of this crazy weather I will get where I happen to live, I’m smiling. I’m going to go stand on the porch and just listen when I finish writing this. Later, I’m going to go to bed and feel safe as Mother Nature unleashes her fury on the world outside. I love summer storms.

Well, what kind of feeling do YOU get?

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