I am currently finding out the hard way, that functioning on 3.5 hours of sleep was hard this morning, then was ok during the day, and now that I’m not moving around it’s hitting me. Like a brick to the face. I’m in full on zombie mode.


zombie (Photo credit: Irregular Shed)


Not the chewing on the flesh of others. The shuffling around haphazardly trying to figure out what’s going on around me.



I’m planning on shuffling up the stairs and flopping into a bed soon, but I did want to let you guys know that I have another(small) surprise after the story finishes up tomorrow. Not anything like the story. In fact, it’s probably going to be such a let down that you’ll be angry with me telling you ahead of time and calling it a surprise. Please don’t throw digital produce at me for this.



If I get to it, I’ll post after the story conclusion, if not I’ll drop it over the weekend, I think.



Zombie writer, out.



2 thoughts on “Zzzzzzzz…Zombie.

  1. Woo, I had three hours of sleep last night! But hey, blame Tumblr. It’s weird, because when I haven’t had much sleep, I’m super energetic. So that’s what I am right now. WOO!

    • I always feel like it’s going to be the worst day of my life, then everything’s fine. Then I crash lol. I was super energetic for an hour or so the one time I was up for like 36 straight hours. Then I couldn’t sleep when I actually was able to lay down, so I watched TV. 10 minutes later, I was so tired my eyes stopped focusing. I hope to not have to do that again. lol

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