Kids These Days!

But this isn’t really about the kids.

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You know how everyone over the age of like, 23 complains about “Kids these days”? You know how it’s always the same complaints, generation after generation? No work ethic, disrespectful, lazy, have it to easy, music is crap. Well I’d like to take a moment, as a 28 year old, and complain about the middle aged crowd.


Weren’t expecting that, were you? You lot haven’t been complained about since the 80’s have you? Well I’m here to tell you that there are quite a lot of people in that group of people between 35 and 50 that are acting worse than the “kids these days”.


There are people in this age bracket that are some of the rudest, most entitled, most disrespectful human beings on the planet. I would say that all things considered, there are middle schoolers with more decorum. I know this must all be so confusing for you.


People aren’t used to being complained about once they get out of their mid twenties. That’s when they start getting less tolerant of the younger generation. They can start agreeing with the next older group and they can all hate the teenagers together.


Well that’s crap. As much as I may see things that I don’t like in the younger generation, I see more frightening things from that 35-50 crowd. It’s especially awful because they’re raising children! As expected, though, they don’t see anything wrong with their behavior.


They’re actually acting like spoiled children that never learned their lesson. Maybe they are. Maybe this is what a world of “Participation Awards” and ridiculous political correctness is leading us to: Spoiled brats raising more spoiled brats, while complaining about all those same qualities in a group of younger people.


Well that’s a scary thought, isn’t it?


5 thoughts on “Kids These Days!

  1. Thank you for writing this. It’s so accurate and it IS scary that some people like you described are raising children and then are blaming their children’s bad behaviour on society or whatever.
    Being in the generation that gets a lot of shit at the moment, I hope I don’t get older and then start complaining about the younger generation, because I know how it feels.
    I hope.

    • There are a lot of influences on a child’s behavior, but as a parent you can affect a large portion of them.Recognizing that and attempting to do something would require people to take responsibility for themselves and someone else.

  2. Indeed, often kids are made that way by their parents – who actually are complaining about the ‘kids these days!’.
    I have seen once, how a teenager gave his place in the bus to a pregnant young woman. While a 60-year-old who could stand very well started complaining about how the ‘kids these days!’ seated theirselves on that place while she was standing there as an ‘elderly lady’. Yayyy for the directness of the Dutch bus drivers, he stopped and told her that he did not want people like her on his bus. She would be very well able to walk to the station, thank you xD

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