Surprise Time!

Well, I told you there was going to be a surprise today. I’m announcing it now, and I’ll post it around 11 am EST.

Mega Surprise

Mega Surprise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Over the next 5 days, I’m going to be posting my first attempt a short story. I’ve had it done for a while, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it. I decided to post in in 5 bite sized pieces, one each day this week.

I probably won’t be changing this as I have no larger plans for it, but all feedback is welcome. Warnings now, it’s around 5,000 words total, so it’s not crazy long but not a 2 minute read either. It is fiction, I’d say count on PG-13 content level. you’ve been warned

I hope you like it. I really enjoyed writing it.

2 thoughts on “Surprise Time!

  1. Woo, story! Can’t wait to sink my teeth into it. And if it’s PG-13, then don’t worry. I’ve written (and read) stuff that’s beyond R-rated 😀 If it’s a horror story (I just looked at the tags for this post) then I’m looking forward to it, since I don’t read/write in the Horror genre, so reading something different should be nice…if “nice” is the right word for Horrors…

    • Wooo! I’m excited too. I guess it’s somewhere between horror and thriller. I would like to write a little more horror type stuff though. We’ll see how this goes.

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