Different Versions

All this talk about Cover Versions got me thinking about something else: Different media types.

Promotional poster of The Walking Dead.

Promotional poster of The Walking Dead. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I suspect most of you have at least heard of The Walking Dead. I am (per usual) a little late to that party. I’ve seen the first season of the show on Netflix, and I’ve got the first 6 Graphic Novels in the Compendium that I’m working on now.

This is not a “Books are better” rant. I was just noticing some of the differences between the Graphic Novel version of The Walking Dead and the television version. The story lines diverge pretty quickly. It sort of lends itself to choosing which version of events you like better. Not so much about which one is objectively better, but more about which version you prefer.

This shows up in things like Dexter too. It seems like it’s more common in adaptations from one media type to another, and more specifically when the original version is in a series and it’s just used as inspiration for another series.

I have to say that I find this type of comparison infinitely more interesting than the standard “They left so much out of the movie from the book.” It’s true that this happens a lot, but that’s kind of just an unfortunate side effect of translating something into a timed visual media like film.

Are there any things that strike your fancy in more than one type of media?


Well, what kind of feeling do YOU get?

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