So, today I went straight from work to go have a discussion about a problem I was having with the furniture store. I got all amped up about it because I didn’t know if they were going to

An old Stiga lawn mower. Its almost broken, wi...

An old Stiga lawn mower. Its almost broken, with the start cord pulled off (Got to be started with a electric screwdriver directly on the engine). Really old model. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) NOT REALLY ME OR MY MOWER

pretend it wasn’t a real problem. Everything went fine, so not fireworks there.

Then I came home and had to mow the lawn. It’s been way too long so I had to bag the clippings. This adds extra work to the whole experience. I’m not overly fond of mowing in the first place, and bagging really just takes it to that next level. Two important things happened while I was mowing: First, I think it was the bagging, but I’m now so sore I can barely move, and second I like rap and people find that weird.

I like certain rap and hip hop artists a lot more than some people think I should. I think I need to give you some back ground here. I generally don’t listen to the radio. I find music I like and I buy it and listen to it via some magic wireless device. So I tend to not be overly familiar with ‘What’s Hot’. This means that when I like rap or hip hop that it isn’t just because everyone likes it and it’s on the radio all the time.

I prefer to make my own music judgments. I have a few friends that I can take what they say about music pretty much as gospel. If The Artist says I ‘ll like it, I can just go buy that album. If The Rockstar tells me to listen to something, I have got to give it shot and it might broaden my horizons. Otherwise, I could truly give a rat’s ass what’s ‘popular’ on the radio. Give me Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” over whatever hip new rock act is in. Give me The Righteous Brothers “(You’ve Lost) That Lovin’ Feelin'” over Taylor Swift any day.

One thing that weirds people out though is that I legitimately like some rap music. This is confusing to them because I am a middle-class white male who grew up in a middle class white family in a smallish town. Nothing ties me to hip hop. I never had any friends big into hip hop or anything like that.

Personally, I think it’s the rhythm and the lyrics. I always really enjoyed songs with a story to tell. That’s why I like The Decemberists. Creative storytelling. I mentioned the other day that I have a soft spot for anything with and awesome beat. Combine those two things, especially in a rapper with great lyrical skills and I’m hooked. I’ve been loving Macklemore pretty recently, and I’m a big fan of Machine Gun Kelly. I’ve always liked Ludacris.

It might be a little weird, but I’m nothing if not a little(or a lot) weird.

Do you have any hobbies or interests that just kind of make people scratch their heads?


6 thoughts on “Ow.

    • So it’s your fault I like weird stuff.
      Although, I can’t really blame rap or hip hop on you. You’d probably rather listen to steel being ripped apart than listen to rap.

  1. I love rap too and I’m the ONLY one of my friend’s who does. Macklemore’s really growing on me at the moment as well, but I guess the mother (or father…whatever) of all rappers for me is Eminem. I mean, his Curtain Call CD was the first CD I ever bought myself and I listened to it for like, a year. No kidding, it was in my CD player for a YEAR. And I know every lyric of every song. Like you, I have no reason to like rap and it confused my parents that I should love it, but you know, I just really like his music, even the really dark, depressing songs (they’re kind of my favourite). But I guess I like any kind of music – my iTunes goes from AC/DC to Taylor Swift, to Beethoven to Coldplay.
    Strange, really.

    • Not strange, eclectic!
      I borrowed my friend’s Slim Shady LP and then I bought the Marshall Mathers LP myself when it came out. I listened to that one forever. I’m not sure if I was technically allowed to have it because I was like, 14 and it had a Parental Advisory sticker and I was supposed to ask my parents before I bought those. Whoops.

      • Nice. The rule for me was that if I asked, and they decided they wanted to hear it first or something then I couldn’t get it until they said so. If I asked and they said it was fine or whatever, then I was good. I always asked Mi Madre because she never cared lol.

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