What up Shorty?

I already apologize for that title. It was a mistake and I knew it when I typed it.

Film poster for Office Space - Copyright 1999,...

Film poster for Office Space – Copyright 1999, 20th Century Fox (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I so titled this impressive piece of prose because there isn’t going to be much of it and I wanted to make a non-specific short joke. Might be a failure. On a positive note, at least I’m going down in a Blaze of Glory!

Alright, not really that impressive.

I’ll tell you what, I had a serious Office Space kind of day. I had a case of the Mondays, there was a PC Load Letter issue, and there were some Jump to Conclusions level interactions. Let’s just say that I’m already not looking forward to Tuesday. I should just take my Initech mug to work tomorrow and walk around telling everyone that I need them to come in on Saturday. I could also call it Caturday and really confuse everyone. I think this may be what I do tomorrow now.

If the aforementioned Caturday-ing happens, there will probably be a photo. I’m not promising anything. Alright, all these obvious Office Space references have cheered me up a little, I’m going to go melt my brain in front of a Television for a bit.


Well, what kind of feeling do YOU get?

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