Who does these things?

I must be actually becoming something resembling a responsible adult. I volunteered to work tomorrow because they needed someone with a key to be able to open and close.

There’s a word in that sentence that people don’t typically associate with me: Volunteer. I’m professional level lazy, so I’m kind of confusing myself.

I think it’s important to know what your weaknesses and flaws are. It’s important to be able to acknowledge them, because only then is there ever a chance that you’ll do anything about them. That being said, I don’t think every flaw needs fixing. This may sound like a bit of an odd concept but stick with me. What if we stopped caring about trying to fix every single flaw about ourselves?

Some personality flaws aren’t really hurting anyone. Maybe if we spent less time trying to fix every little thing about ourselves, we would be able to focus on the positive things that we do really well. I know myself best so I’ll be our example here. I’m awful at keeping myself organized. I tend to sort of create a nest around myself that I have to squeeze in and out of. This is not a positive thing, but if I don’t let it cause me to lose important information it’s not hurting anyone. The flip side of that coin, is that when there’s an easily accessible, logical system in

Book Chaos

Book Chaos (Photo credit: Sharon Drummond)

place, it drives me crazy to not follow it.(keep it down peanut gallery) So maybe if I stopped focusing on trying to force myself to organize my area and focused on making sure I follow systems that are already in place, I would be enhancing a strength and being more productive.

I dunno, I was just pondering about that. seems like it also helps us to focus on the positive, which has been shown to affect our outlook on life.

What are you good/bad at that you could shift your focus on?


3 thoughts on “Who does these things?

  1. I have a bad temper and lose my patience easily. I’m constantly feeling bad and working on it. But I’m loyal to a fault and will do anything for a friend/family member. It’s really important to me to see my people achieve happiness and I will go well out of my way to help them attain it. You’re right. There’s a flip side to every coin.

  2. I haven’t really worked out whether this is flaw or not of mine, but I have a compulsion to make things neat. Everything has to be in some form of order. Honestly, my room is like OCD Central…it’s crazy. If things aren’t tidy/in order then I literally cannot relax or let it go until it is. Sometimes I know I’m being silly and that it’s really bad that I have this thing where everything SIMPLY MUST be in order, but it’s just who I am.
    But, one thing I definitely know I’m bad at is remembering occasions and dates. Seriously, I’ll forget it’s my best friend’s birthday or something, that’s how bad it is. But I’m working on it – I’m actually trying to use my calendar.

    • See, to me, not being able to relax until things are orderly an organized isn’t a familiar feeling but I can totally see why it would bother you. They do say that living in an environment like that reduces stress. That it allows you to focus on other things and not the state of things around you.

Well, what kind of feeling do YOU get?

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