It has been one of those days.

One of those days where every time you turn around, something else pops up for you to do. You know, before you finished that last thing?

I’m sure some of you are thinking, “So? Sounds like a nice busy day to make work go quickly. I don’t see the issue here.” To this I respond: HORSEAPPLES!

Actually, I’m pretty jealous of people that can just handle every new thing that flies at them with grace, style and aplomb. I am not one of those people. The time something requires to be completed does not directly correspond with the amount of time it occupies my capacity for working effectively.

Imagine an old computer that you’re trying to print from: You click Print, and the little progress bar pops up. Then you wait for it to scroll across, which takes forever, and when it’s almost done the printer spits out your document. The thing is, the little progress bar never quite finished, and now the computer is locked up and you can’t get it to do anything. This is how my brain works.

A new progress bar 90%

A new progress bar 90% (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I get a lot of things that get thrown at me, without the ability/time to think and prioritize I kind of shut down a little. It ends up being a bit worse because I tend to have a pretty short temper. Oops. I should meditate or something. Get centered, Zen like.

All that aside, I REFUSED to let that be something that would keep me from writing/chatting with all of you today. That’s what this is for me; It’s an open conversation with wonderful people. So y’all are making me feel better. Even though I technically have my part of the conversation by myself and there’s no way for any of you to answer until I click ‘Publish’. Well this just got awkward, I just pointed out to myself and you, that I’m basically taking to myself and pretending you can hear me right now. I know you can hear me later, but not while I’m actually typing… Ok and now we’re in another weird time-stream thing where the reality of what I’m saying exists in present for me, and in my future it will exist in your present. I should stop I’m starting to get vertigo.

Sounds like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays, huh? I vote we make Monday the official start of the week, but it’s totally cool if you want to treat it like an extra weekend day. Then if you have stuff to do or need the cash, you can come to work and get paid. If you just need one more day, no one is gonna call and give you crap over it.

If only I were in charge of everything….  I’d probably spaz out and not be able to handle the responsibility.

How much better than me do you handle multiple responsibilities flying at your head?


10 thoughts on “[HEADDESK]

  1. Not too well, really. I tend to cover my face with my hands, let out a guttural moan of some sort, bang my head on the table and then either get down to it or walk off and get food or something. Unfortunately the latter happens on a near daily basis when I see how much homework I have each day. I open my planner, laugh, close it and then browse Tumblr for like, five hours. Productive, huh? But I guess on some days I’m an absolute power-house and will greet every task that comes my way with a creepily enthusiastic “Hey, yeah! Let’s do this shit!”
    I don’t know. I can swing both ways I guess, depending on my mood. (No euphemism intended…)

    • Well, it would probably be best to at least limit the number of times/amount of time you spend avoiding all of it on tumblr. lol
      I so very rarely have a “Let’s DO this!” day that I don’t always recognize them until halfway through the day.
      No euphemism read here!

      • I think my “Let’s DO this!!” days are very rare because it’s incredibly hard to summon the energy to feel enthusiastic. Whenever I’m in that mood, it’s usually in the morning and then I crash at around lunch and then act like a depressed sloth for the rest of the day. Basically.

      • Acting like a depressed sloth sounds like a wonderful afternoon. While I’m sure that there are plenty of people that view it as entirely negative, I find it to be largely positive. Sounds comfortable.
        What if we only had to work in the mornings? I think we would get more done.

      • I think we definitely would. Work from 8-12 then stop and go live life. Eat cake, browse Tumblr, help old ladies cross the street. And it amuses me that although sloths sometimes die from falling out a tree because they mistook their arm for a branch, they’re STILL not extinct. Amazing.

      • You know, with all that time to recharge in the middle of the day, I bet it would be easy to get amped to do MORE work later in the day. You know, if something just HAD to get done.
        As for the sloth extinction funny, it just proves that more sloths manage to stay in trees, than manage to make the impossibly ridiculous decision that their own arm is a tree branch. Kudos to them I guess? The live ones I mean.

      • The live ones definitely deserve some kind of award. I think I have this thing with sloths, because earlier I watched a video of a baby sloth being put in a baby grow at a zoo. It was the goddamn cutest thing (girl mode initiate) I’d ever seen. But then again, who DOESN’T love sloths???
        I then showed it to my best friend and she was practically crying. Weird.

      • I have a soft spot for Penguins, and most Turtles. I tend not to be in the “All animals are adorable! Especially baby ones!” camp. As a dude, I don’t entirely get the “Baby animal” thinking. Oh well.

      • Most baby animals REALLY aren’t adorable, but I mean…SLOTHS. Just…sloths. Penguins are quite cool, although I kind of expect them all to be amazing dancers after watching Happy Feet…

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