In lieu of writing today, you get see my impulsive nature in all it’s glory.

The Ladies over at 450 Good Choices challenged me to take a few photos. I have taken those photos. I think they thought that I would be leery of embarrassing myself. I am not. If you had spoken with our mutual acquaintance Erica, you might have realized the error of your ways.

Swim Gear 1 Swim Gear 2Swim Gear 3Swim Gear 4Your Move Ladies.

9 thoughts on “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

  1. It is disturbing how much you look like my husband. To prove this, I will go straight home and take a picture of him in my swim cap and post it on our blog.

  2. Chris — You are a bad ass and so is that flowered swim cap. Tomorrow we watch pictures of people swimming pools on TV. Reblog on this is imminent, my friend.

  3. Reblogged this on 450 Good Choices and commented:
    In a little over two weeks we’ve managed to rustle up a host of pretty awesome readers around here at 450 Good Choices. Seriously, we love you people.
    Collectively, you are funny, supportive, and most of all, just as warped as we are. As proof, we are reblogging a post from our reader, Chris, who engaged us in a little conversation in the comments section of Becky’s post today (go look, y’all) about his wife’s running accomplishments and his physical inability (bum hip) to follow in her footsteps. So being the unrelenting sort, Becky suggested swimming. He balked. I suggested warming up to the idea by picking out a bad-ass swim cap to wear around the house a couple hours a day. You know, to get used to the whole idea of aquatic physical exertion. One thing led to another, which led to what you see below. Well played, Chris. Well played.

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