Character Intro


Just so you knew. In case it makes a difference to you one way or another.

I heard her talking. I was more interested in the steam rising from my second cup of coffee. The steam was rising  in a nice tight spiral this morning. That was usually a sign that it was going to be a good day. I could use a good day, I’ve had way too many days recently where I wanted to tear my own skin off.

“Yes, Rose?”
“I asked you if we were still having dinner with Mr. Ellis tomorrow? If we are, where are we going so I know what to wear?”
“Of course we’re still having dinner with him. I wouldn’t have any shops without him, much less be opening a fifth next week,” I replied calmly. “We’re going to the Mirror Room. Go buy a new dress today. You always look pretty in a new dress.”
“Ooo!” She squealed. “I was hoping I might be able to get a new dress! What color should I get?”
“Green. It makes your eyes look like the two biggest emeralds I’ve ever seen.”
“Oh Ali! Thank you! I’m going to go call Evie and start planning right now!” She hurried off to call her friend.
“Don’t call me Ali!” I shouted after her. “But I’ve told you that before, and you didn’t listen any of those times either.”

I couldn’t tell Rose this, but I was actually excited to see what dress she came up with. She looked beautiful in everything, but she always dressed her best when I asked her to go to a business dinner with me. She knew they were important to me, and that looking the part of a wealthy shop owner was half the battle. Rose wasn’t stupid either. A beautiful girl at the table always put the businessmen in a better mood. She would never admit to knowing any of this.

There’s a great deal that goes unspoken between us, but it’s comforting to always be completely assured that I know what she’s thinking. It’s something I noticed when I first met Rose. I could finish any sentence of hers, and I could always tell you what she was thinking down to the word. That’s not as boring as it sounds, mind you. There’s a special feeling you get knowing a person so completely that you never have to wonder what they’re thinking or doing.

I finished my coffee and stood up. I needed to go find accents for my suit that would properly fit next to a beautiful woman in a beautiful, expensive, green dress.

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