You can call me Leo

I think I might be a genius.

English: Self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci. R...

English: Self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci. Red chalk. 33 × 21 cm. Turin, Royal Library ( 15571). NOTE This image is in red chalk. Do not revert to the black and white image. Deutsch: Kopf eines bärtigen Mannes, sog. Selbstbildnis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, stick with me here. I know what you’re thinking: “Who’s this guy? Did he seriously just declare himself a genius with no support or examples?”

The answer to that is: Yes, I did.

I know that probably didn’t sit well, but at least let me explain myself.

I don’t mean that I think I might be a genius in the way that someone claims that sort of distinction to make a point. I don’t mean that I think I’m better than anyone in particular at one thing, or a certain group of things. In fact, if you’ve ever conversed with me for any length of time you probably know that I’m not very confident, and I’m relatively self-deprecating. On any given day, if you asked me, I would probably tell you that I ‘m not really good at anything. I would say that I’m just above average at lots of things, none of which are of any real value.

I’m thinking these thoughts of genius in the more abstract way, almost as if it’s a condition. Thinking about it, I would even say that I seem to mesh with a lot of the qualities of genius without that one big spark of insight. I suppose maybe I exhibit some of the qualities typical of genius-type people and just not have hit my stride yet.

Regardless lets do some comparison. Qualities generally observed in geniuses.  and go:

Disorganized: Check
High Intelligence: Check
Mostly Solitary: Check
A little crazy: Check
Frequently disengaged from the world around them: Check
Lots of ideas: Check

Alright, you get the idea here. Again, I just had this thought on my way to work this morning. In light of the post I made yesterday where I referenced one of my Mile-a-Minute afternoons, I was trying to figure out if there was more to it than just the desire to avoid boredom.

Maybe there’s more that I’m wanting to do. Maybe I’m so busy trying to ignore these bursts of drive and thought and manic energy that I’m shutting out something else in the process. Maybe I’m really a genius that is busy looking for something to be a genius ABOUT.

It’s also entirely possible that I’m just a smart guy with nothing to focus his crazy thoughts on.

What if I am a genius though? What if I’m not remotely living up to anything I’m capable of doing for one reason or another? What if I NEED to be doing more or I’m going to slowly drive myself mad?

What if I just had a couple days of a weird spurt of creative energy that led to me attempting to declare myself a genius on the internet?

Dare I ask for comments on the subject? Sure, I am being impulsive after all. Comment away!

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