I Do What I Want

Why hello.

I think we shouldn’t address the elephant in the room. Because I said so, that’s why. Now get off my back about it.

I’m feeling exceptionally impulsive today. That’s why I decided to write something here, even though in all likelihood I will fail miserably about coming back and writing anything else anytime soon.

My exceptional impulsivity (that’s a new word. spell check is confused) has resulted in a state of trying to perceive everything that I could do all in the same space. Think of it like those times in a fever dream when your brain takes everything you see and tries to mash it all together and force it to make sense all at the same time.

My brain has decided that it’s not just bored right now, it’s bored all the time and that’s why I am lethargic to the point that you might confuse me with a hibernating bear. While I attempted to come up with plan that would result in my capability to hibernate through the winter, only waking for the major holidays and associated meals at Thanksgiving and Christmas, I don’t think that’s actually a natural state for humans. It’s certainly not a natural state for someone like me who can’t seem to control my inner monologue. 

You know how people can have an inner monologue, and an inner child? I think my inner child is the one giving my inner monologue.

I’m going to assume that you’re all familiar with Newton’s Laws of Motion. For anyone that isn’t, or wants a refresher, I’m posting Newton’s First Law of motion and linking it to the Wikipedia entry in case you’re curious.

First law: If there is no net force on an object, then its velocity is constant. The object is either at rest (if its velocity is equal to zero), or it moves with constant speed in a single direction.

While I’m fully aware that this applies to objects in the natural world, I think it also very aptly describes how my brain functions. I seem to be experiencing one of those ‘constant speed’ moments. To be more precise, it often seems like my brain shuts down all but the most necessary functions at any point in time, causing me to resemble the aforementioned bear; or it runs at full speed attempting to put what limited computing power it is capable of producing into solving every problem that ever existed.

This typically causes my existence to fall into one of 2 categories:

1: Is he alive? I don’t know, go poke him. Yep he’s alive, but now he’s hungry. Someone find something fried STAT!

2: Uh oh, he’s moving. Quickly. Take everything breakable and put it in the basement. Open all the windows in case he decides he’s too confined here. Now go hide until the all clear sounds, because it’s different every time.

Significant mental stimulation seems to be the way to a middle ground. Time to find something that occupies more than 4% of my brain at a time.



3 thoughts on “I Do What I Want

    • Done!
      I’ve got a couple of those Come Back posts. Haha. I did fairly well staying on top of things when I wrote every day in October, but I tend to “get busy”. That’s in quotes because I’m not actually busy enough that I don’t have time to write, I just perceive it that way.
      Alright, deal. Now we’re responsible to one another!

  1. Hmmm how about reading a few beauty posts and commenting on them? That always seems to make me “unbored” I’m making up words again. But you know me if I don’t like how something sounds or the fact that something doesn’t exist why not make it up? Everything else is right…. made up that is….. Ugh!!! it seems that now is my turn to have that conversation with myself. Moving on……

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