High Ate Us

Get it?

I took a bit of an unexpected hiatus when I found myself getting relatively busy with things at home and my Day Job. I shouldn’t have ever let that happen, and here’s why: This is supposed to be fun.

When I get busy, I tend to cut out all responsibilities that I feel I can reasonably do without and shutdown. I end up doing nothing but the basics like, go to work, cook and clean when required, mow the lawn, shovel the driveway, eat, breathe, and sleep. IT’s my way of simplifying. The trouble is, it’s not particularly effective.

I don’t handle future obligations particularly well. I tend to dread anything I don’t really, really, want to do to such a point that I develop anxiety over whatever it is. An example would be when I get asked to work on the weekend at my Day Job. Happens on average, about 12 times a year. Not the end of the world. Yet I somehow manage to develop serious anxiety in the weeks leading up to the requested weekend. It’s almost like I think I’m going to die that weekend or something.

The point is, when I start to get busy in both the present and future tense, I shutdown. I crawl in my metaphorical turtle shell and hide, hoping no one will find me there, and maybe after I have to do all the things required of me, I can add back in a few of the things that I want to do.

What I ought to be doing is using things that I enjoy to breakup those feelings of anxiety and stress. I think we have all established by now though, I’m very adept at determining what needs to be done in any given circumstance, while being nearly incapable of actually accomplishing those things.

I guess I’m trying to say I shouldn’t have let my tippy-typing here become like a chore, so that I felt I had to let it go when I holed up in my turtle shell. This is generally pretty entertaining, in one way or another for me, so I should probably not let the entertainment seep out of it.


Well, what kind of feeling do YOU get?

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