Mad Skillz

So I had this idea.

I solve problems. It’s what I do.

Being presented with a problem or a puzzle gets my juices flowing. The best description I can give, is imagine someone gave you a 20′ rope, tied into a knot the size of a basketball. To me, this looks like a beautiful little treasure chest. I can’t wait to pluck and tease each little strand loose and separate it from it’s fellows. Piece by tiny piece I want to unravel this mystery until I look up to see how much rope was really contained in such a complicated little package.

What I want to know, is how I can market this particular skill. Can I just declare myself an independent consultant of problem solving? I have a sense for the best way to get results out of lots of different situations.

I suspect I’m not just going to be able to jump into a badass suit every morning and walk into people’s businesses and tell them I can solve all their problems. Even if I did that, I would suspect that I might have a hard time charging them $100 and hour for it.

Anyone have any ideas how I could turn this love of puzzle and problem solving into an actual job skill? I’m just laughing at myself over here thinking of driving around in a phenomenal suit, just walking into people’s workplaces telling them I’m the answer to their problems, not knowing what those problems are. It’s a very amusing mental picture.

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