So I swear, I’m not ignoring my story. In the works.

Anyway, I was noticing today that the seasons (I use that description loosely here in Ohio) mean different things as your circumstances change in life. I’m sure this is obvious to some people, and will be more obvious to others once it’s been pointed out, but I just noticed.

When I was young-ish, spring meant it was getting warmer out, which in turn meant summer was on the way. That meant summer vacation and all the fun that comes from summer vacation!

When I was a teenager, the impending summer vacation meant freedom from school, but that all came tainted with a mandatory vacation with MY PARENTS! The horror! It also usually meant I would be increasing the hours that I spent as a foodstuff transportation engineer (fancy talk for bagger at the grocery store).

In college it meant that I had to move back in with my parents, sacrificing all that glorious freedom I had just become accustomed to.

Now, as an adult (technically), spring means the warming of weather and the melting of snow. Cool mornings with the promise of warm afternoons. The grass starts to grow again, and I never can find the right time to mow it because it’s either not long enough, or too wet to mow. Open windows and cool breezes.

It isn’t just that things feel fresh and new, which they do, but it really feels like the year is beginning. January is nice, and it feels clean with it’s crisp days and bright sunlight, but the new year doesn’t really feel like it begins until you can enjoy moving around outside in the world.

Alright enough happy sunshiny crap, time to focus on baseball and the inevitable stress related illnesses and disappointments that are sure to follow. Roll Tribe!

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