I Have a Problem

Hi. My name is Chris, and I have a problem.

I can’t find a music play list that has everything I want to hear on it.

Ok, so it isn’t a real problem, or even what most people would consider an inconvenience. The problem is as follows: There are “90’s Music” Playlists, and “00’s Music” play lists, but my true desire is to hear stuff from like 1994 to 2003.

Do you see my great distress? the music I want to hear, fall across 2 separate decades. This means I have to listen to about half a playlist full of stuff I actually want to hear, and the other half is just some stuff I remember hearing at some point.

If you actually think about it, most music goes this way. You would be more accurate, stylistically anyway, to group music from say 1955 to 1965, or 1975 to 1985 than to say “80’s Music”. I suppose it’s just more convenient to group things by decade as it’s a handy reference point.

I miss music from the late 90’s though. I like the place Rock, Hard Rock, and Hip-Hop were in. Pop was ok, working around the boy bands anyway. I understand that the reason I think fondly of it is nostalgia, in large part, but I also think I was a little happier with the direction certain genres were headed in.

Back in my day, the music was better.

Ha! I sound so old.



6 thoughts on “I Have a Problem

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    • I can, and I usually do. I typically run into trouble trying to build a playlist that successfully includes everything that I want to listen to. Sometimes when I can manage to find it all, it really doesn’t go together. I suppose that doesn’t matter as much though.

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