Sleep Schedule

Am I the only one who can’t sleep when I change my sleep schedule?

Let me give you an example: My normal sleep schedule goes something like 12a – 7a Monday through Friday and 1a – 9a on the weekend.

If I go to bed so much as 45 minutes early, I somehow manage to wake up around an hour and a half early. So I have lost 45 minutes of sleep, in an effort to get some extra rest.

Am  I the only one who’s body decides to fight him over a sleep schedule? What if I have to get up early for something, like tomorrow? I can’t go to bed too early, or I’ll end up more tired than if I just went to bed at my normal time.

Maybe I’m just getting all old and crotchety and don’t want my schedule to change. You would think I wouldn’t be old enough to be getting all old and grumpy, but everything else I do seems to be old man-ish, so why not right?



Well, what kind of feeling do YOU get?

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