Apology Accepted

I feel I owe you all my utmost and deepes- Ok I can’t do that with a straight face anymore.

I missed a few days because I’ve been crazy busy. Deal with it.


(kind of)

I have to admit, between excellent new TV shows, and the upcoming November sweeps week, television has also stolen my soul and will to live. I promise that I have these gand plans when I come home about all the awesome things I’m going to get accomplished in the hours between 6 and 12.

Then the funny moving pictures start and I turn in to Nero; content to watch the world burn around me as long as I am entertained. Dance for me television puppets…dance.

Anywho, I don’t really have an excuse, and I’ve not got much to write about. I still have that big thing I mentioned before, and I came up with a funny story about this job interview I went on once. It wasn’t funny when it happened to me, it was generally a terrifying and wholly disheartening experience, which probably means it makes for good comedy when told properly.

Also, We’re headed into that awesome gauntlet of the ‘Holiday Season’ That has basically begun to stretch from the minute Halloween is over until after New Year’s Day. I tend to both love and despise the holidays, which means there might be some nuggets of self-loathing comedic gold to mine for. Maybe I’ll find some of that to share with you.

Well, that’s all folks.

For now.



Well, what kind of feeling do YOU get?

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