I’m The Weiner

Well I did it.

I made one post per day, everyday for the entire month of October. I also made one ink drawing every day in October.

Not everything I did this month falls in to the category of “Renaissance Master” or anything like that. The point of forcing myself to make a post and a drawing each day was to force myself to not overthink. There were actually 2 separate movements at work, Inktober is for the drawings, and the ‘Post a Day Challenge’ for the blog.

Not everyone has the same creative issue that I do, but I know plenty of people that do. I overthink and overedit. I can’t get my vision down on paper or digital paper because I’m too busy telling myself how much better it could be.

I stayed focused and got through it. I’m better for it. Let’s just hope that now I can stay with the posting and/or drawing, and come up with some better quality while I let my thoughts marinate for a day or two at a time.




4 thoughts on “I’m The Weiner

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