I Think I Can, I Think I Can! (In Which I Try Harder)

I’m trying to make this blog more interesting and better for you all to read. I’ve been told a good way to do that is to include media. At some point in this post there will be a picture. You’ve been warned.

I’m also to understand that I’m supposed to mention that if you like this blog, I’m supposed to ask you to either check back every day, follow me through your WordPress account, or follow with WordPress’ new feature which should be near the bottom and offers you email updates. I’ll also be adding an email update link over with me RSS feed links.

I can’t promise how much better this will get, or how quickly, since I’m really pushing for a post a day this whole month of October. So far so good. Currently it’s quantity over quality, hopefully the quality will catch up soon.

So, in an effort to improve quality:


Calvin and Hobbes Pittsburgh

Copyright and all other rights belong to Bill Watterson

Check that out! Image! Calvin and Hobbes is about as high quality as you can get. I also feel it’s my obligation to answer Calvin’s question here:

When you’re bad. No question.

I always enjoy taking a poke a Pittsburgh. I suppose I’ll warn you now; I am unapologetically a Cleveland sports fan. Feel free to leave if that’s a problem.

Now that we’ve gotten rid of those nasty Pittsburgh fans, I feel obligated to mention that I’m to understand it’s a very nice city with a beautiful baseball stadium. Couldn’t let those Squealer fans hear me giving the city any credit though.

Ah. That’s better. Quality has been upped a little, I’ve insulted Pittsburgh football, added some controversy, and celebrated a wonderful comic strip drawn by a Cleveland artist(Bill Watterson is from Chagrin Falls).

I feel accomplished this evening.


P.S. Expect more Calvin and Hobbes at some point. That kid and his tiger are just the best.

One thought on “I Think I Can, I Think I Can! (In Which I Try Harder)

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