Ooh! A Piece Of Candy! (In Which I Become And Remain Distracted)

I am ALL over the place tonight.

I’m reading blogs, going out to dinner, trying not to think about work, watching recorded shows on DVR, watch some serious violence in those show, trying to decide when to go to bed, trying to decide what to watch on TV… You see where I’m going with this?

I have to admit, it doesn’t help that I’ve been reading the backlogs of Hyperbole and a Half and that is pretty all over the place, to say the least.

I’m also pretty sure I was going to drop a fat discussion topic for you all and then walk away from the mic like ‘What?’ Clearly, my distraction has made remembering what that topic was a relatively difficult proposition.

Instead of continuing to waste your time, I think I’ll just figure something shocking and controversial to leave here and go scurrying off like a small animal.

Turtles are clearly the best reptile.

Deal with it.



Well, what kind of feeling do YOU get?

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