Well That’s Misleading (In Which I Explain My Confusion)

Here’s something I’m having a difficult time with; Is a No-Bake really a cookie?

It may seem like it’s a bit frivolous, but seriously, how is it a cookie?

I mean, I guess I don’t actually know what’s in them. I know there’s oatmeal, and there seems to be peanut butter, and possibly chocolate. I don’t believe that there’s flour, and there’s no baking involved, hence the name. How do hey fall in to the category of cookie?

I was under the impression that a cooki8e fell in to the category of  ‘Baked Goods’. By definition, a ‘No-Bake” can’t be a baked good. It would then seem that this particular dessert item is a complete paradox. It’s just confusing me a bit.

No-Bake Cookie. What a crock.

That doesn’t mean that they aren’t delicious and I didn’t just eat 2 and that I’m not in danger of murdering the rest of the container of them that’s sitting next to me like a lion near a pack of sickly gazelles.



Well, what kind of feeling do YOU get?

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