Basketball (In Which I Don’t Think Too Hard So I Don’t Get Mad)

After My Wife got me interested in sports(thank you for that), another friend of mine got me interested in the Cleveland Cavaliers. I found it much easier to watch Professional Basketball than College Basketball because of the amount of coverage Pro ball gets. Much easier for me personally to keep track of when I can choose to watch most any game.

Let’s leave all of the discussion about Last Summer out of this particular post though, shall we?

What I wanted to mention was that currently, there is serious danger of the NBA season either being delayed, or not happening at all this year.

The reason for this? The players and the owners both think they deserve more of the Basketball Related Income than the other group. Basically, they’re all fighting over the money that we as fans, may or may not give them based on our own choices and even whether or not there is a season. Does that not sound completely ridiculous? I know I’ve really simplified it here, but that really is the main sticking point right now. All these guys that get paid because we choose to watch them play, are arguing over how much of that money they deserve.

Personally, I’m kind of looking forward to them not agreeing and whining until they lose enough of the season that the fan base completely abandons them. They don’t think that this could ever possibly happen. They assume we’ll all be waiting with open arms whenever they decide to return to business as usual. They are likely basing this assumption on both the way fans reacted to the NFL labor issues, and to the belief that all the growth they’ve had over the last decade implies increased interestin basketball as a sport and a brand.

The truth is, America likes football WAY better than they like basketball. They also have been more interested in basketball as of late because the NBA has built their brand on star power and sensationalism over the last decade. Basically they’re a big old celebrity wedding that is falling apart, and they think we’ll all still give a shit in 3 months when the juicy news has run out.

The other thing they seem to be forgetting is how much America HATES work stoppages in sports. The surest way to destroy all you’ve created is to have a public labor dispute with a work stoppage involved. Ask MLB who was top dog until they had 2 major work stoppages within 10 years and now sits 3rd in national interest.(not that the Yankees being in the postseason every year doesn’t also turn half the nation off, but that’s another discussion) Ask the NHL who was on a meteoric rise to the top based on star power, flashy plays and aggression(sound familiar?). IT was like the perfect cross between Basketball and Football for a lot of people. Then they had a work stoppage and people just refer to it as “that sport they like better in Canada. You know, the one with the ice.”

I guess my main point is, the whole thing is ludicrous. Th only thing more nuts is how much ESPN and the national sports media think we care about every minute detail. Did we care about the meetings this weekend? Sure. Big chance of major developments. Did we care about the 2 weeks leading up to the meetings where something might or might not happen? Not a chance.



Well, what kind of feeling do YOU get?

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