Word (In Which I Show My Age)

Aren’t slang words fun? They’re a frequently changing set of words that are socially acceptable that change on a whim, without notice, and mean nothing.

What makes them really interesting to me, is that everyone has a certain set of words they gravitate towards. There’s always some set of slang words that someone hears that really makes sense to them. Those words get stuck in their vocabulary. They use them when they go out of fashion, they use them when most people consider them ‘too old to be acting cool’, and eventually, they stop using slang altogether because the ones they want to use get them made fun of.

Just for shots and goggles, lets look at some slang words that are either in,out,weird,wrong,or funny. because we can. (equal opportunity ribbing going on here, promise)

Boss – Out, but petitioning for comeback

Bro – In, but only with the people who desperately think they’re the cool people

Hip – On the edge, still correct, but no one actually uses it

Phat – Just hysterical that it ever mattered

Word – Not really in anymore, though still used and generally ok when not overused

Truckin’ – Heh. Definitely not the 70’s anymore


I suppose the point is really that it’s kind of ridiculous that we keep trying to come up with new words and phrases and redefine them.

Take a step back, and think about all the different slang you’ve used over the years. The ones you remember, say them out loud. Just for a chuckle.

We all sound a little ridiculous.



Well, what kind of feeling do YOU get?

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